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Writing: the compulsion that won’t quit


If you write, chances are you will always write. The urge to write is unlikely to subside. Writing is, for most writers, part of their identity. The act of writing – of creating stories – doesn’t stop. The completion of one story just means the beginning of another.

A friend once said, “It will be great when you’ve finished writing.” I pointed out that I would never really be finished writing, and that when I had finished writing my current story, I would start writing my next.



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  1. so…what’s happened? Did you quit?

    • Leif Kendall

      Nope! Still writing every day (Mon-Fri) – I just haven’t had much time for blogging. My day job is writing copy so I occasionally need a break from the keyboard! Thanks for stopping by. Just going to check out your blog…


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