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Road cycling in Dorset (Poole, actually)


After a few years of regular road cycling, life got in the way, and I struggled to find the time to ride. But after relocating to Poole a few months ago, I resolved to make the time and explore my new neighbourhood by bike.

But then I got a bit stuck because I couldn’t find decent road routes. I would look at maps, pick a destination and head out, only to discover dull, busy roads that were not scenic, or challenging, or even very pleasant. I clearly needed help finding the right places to go cycling.

I looked online for ideas, but couldn’t find any routes or advice. The local cycling clubs are welcoming but challenging; their rides tend to be epic – not ideal for my rusty knees or limited fitness!

I was feeling a little despondent about cycling in Poole when I spotted a tell-tale gathering of lycra-clad men and women outside Ride bike shop one morning. To my delight, it turns out that Ride organise weekly cycling events – both on- and off-road.

If you fancy cycling with other people, I highly recommend joining the Ride bunch for an outing or two. They offer a few different on-road options, designed to suit all abilities. Their Saturday morning rides alternate between 2 hour rides and 1-hour rides – so if you’re totally new to road cycling or returning after a break, you can really ease yourself back on to the saddle.

Ride with Ride



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