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Novel update 14/06/2013


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It’s Friday. For me, Friday has a special significance, because it marks the end of my writing week. And usually it signifies booze, too.

I write every morning from Monday-Friday, but down tools over the weekend. This is a great way to make sure I focus on my family, although I do find that on Monday mornings my brain takes a little time to get into gear. It seems that the two day break is enough time for me to lose the writing rhythm I build up during the week. But the effect is not massive. I’m still writing regularly, which is more than I’ve done for many years.

It’s been a good week of writing. I’ve consistently written for one hour each morning, producing 500 words each day.

I’ve written a total of 26,000 words now, which is roughly 30% of the way towards my goal of 80,000 words.

Writing the way I do (very much the part-timer) is very slow, but that’s okay, because I’m making progress. It’s obviously better to write a novel slowly than to never write a novel.

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