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Novel update 31/05/13


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I’m still writing. And, as someone who has often struggled to find the time, enthusiasm and energy to write, that’s something I’m delighted to report.

My novel progress tracker tells me I’m roughly 25% of the way towards my 80,000 word goal.

It may seem silly to focus on numbers when you’re writing a story, but seeing the finish line slowly emerge is surprisingly important – particularly when you’re engaged in such a solitary pursuit. Writing is always a lonely act, a challenge that only you can accomplish, so anything that can spur the motivation is welcomed.

I’ve written roughly 500 words each day during this week (Mon-Fri). It’s quite slow progress, but it is progress. I’ll continue writing steadily and eventually write to the end.

And then the adventures with editing / publishing / promotion can begin.

In the meantime I’m reading depressing blog posts about the realities of the publishing world (and trying to STAY POSITIVE):

Escape from Stockholm: and Epic Publishing Saga

Survivorship bias: why 90% of the advice about writing is bullshit right now


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