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Learning to ride a road bike (long distances)


EJ learning to ride her bike.

I’m a beginner. It’s fun to be a beginner. You can screw up and nobody cares. You can ask a million ‘stupid’ questions and it’s fine, because you aren’t supposed to know the answer yet.

I’m a beginner at road cycling. Last weekend I joined a cycling club for one of their weekly club rides. I learnt a few interesting things quite quickly:

  • My saddle was too high.
  • My handlebars need to be adjusted to prevent my arms from being locked out.
  • Energy gels are okay but I need some real food to power me through a 50-mile ride.
  • The water in my bottle should have some energy-carbohydrate-powder added to it.
  • An Ordnance Survey map is essential.
  • I should charge my Tesco VX1 Party Phone the day before the ride.
  • Spare tubes are no good without a pump (I didn’t puncture BTW)

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