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Soup without noodles: betrayal, broken promises and Sainsbury’s


Mendota Sushi
If you buy chicken noodle soup, you’re probably the sort of person who likes chicken and noodles in soup. More than that, you’re probably the sort of person who – without being unreasonable – would expect their chicken noodle soup to contain chicken and noodles.

I was recently very ill. On top of a severe bout of manflu I had a tickly cough and a slightly inflamed toe. Seeking comfort and convenience, I turned to soup. A tin of Sainsbury’s Chicken Noodle Soup seemed to provide all the answers to my health questions.

But I was to be disappointed. My “chicken noodle soup” contained microscopic fragments of chicken, but NO NOODLES!

Clearly, the rubicon has been crossed. No wonder the Guardian is offering tips to survive an apocalypse. What does society have left if even soup is telling lies? There are no standards. The Daily Mail is right: Britain is broken.

(Picture courtesy of Karmalize)

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  1. Megan

    I saw that soup. It was sad. It really had no noodles. I think you should sue them for misleading you.

  2. Rob

    I just made myself some Sainsbury’s chicken noodle soup and was also disappointed that there were no noodles. I love the noodles, they’re the best part!


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