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My oh my oh myoclonic jerks


Mother Tongue: The English Language by Bill Bryson is full of wonderful facts. I recommend it. And I must thank Bill for doing me a huge favour: he’s given me the words to describe an affliction that I’ve struggled with for years: this wicked, involuntary jerking in bed at night- hang on, that doesn’t sound quite right… when falling asleep I often have a kind of giant bodily spasm- no, no, not like that. It’s like a big flinch. Like waking up by falling out of bed. You know what I mean.

Anyway, this phenomenon is known as a myoclonic jerk. I get myoclonic jerks. Do you?

(Cute puppy picture courtesy of Yukari*)

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  1. Those puppies are so sweet!

    Miladysas last blog post..63. Twisted

  2. simon

    I’ve been suffering from myoclonic jerks now since June of this year. They came on suddenly. I’ve had all sorts of tests but nothing conclusive has been discovered. They did ease right off for a couple of months but have started again lately. I get quite down and embarassed about them especially when they happen at work (I teach 8 year old kids). When I get them at night they usually wake me up, then I have trouble getting back to sleep, they become more intense, I get more tired and then a viscious cycle kicks in.


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